Porifera not showing

On the browser version (at least), Porifera do not seem to show on up my species tab. Is this working as intended?

Can you provide some screenshots or links of the issue. What do you mean by species tab?

Screenshot below with the tab marked in orange:

I’m still unclear what the problem is. I assume this is a screenshot of your own observations? Could you please explain what the issue is in a bit more detail

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Yes, that is correct.
Species of the phylum Porifera do not show there (there are no filters active).

When I got to your observations (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&subview=grid&user_id=adnovo&verifiable=any&view=species) and scroll down the page, I can see two different sponges show up on your species tab:

When I go to your observations and specifically search for sponges, it shows you as having seen 5 (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&subview=grid&taxon_id=48824&user_id=adnovo&verifiable=any). However, 3 of these are currently sitting at an ID of ‘sponges’. Because you have seen 2 sponges that are ID’ed below phylum, these other 3 will not appear on your species tab because they don’t have a species name/finer ID than sponge (that is different to the other 2) to show.

Everything appears to be working normally to me. Does this answer your question?


I signed out an in and it solved the issue. Thanks.