Mix up of photos and identifications in app account

I was adding some observations today and after a couple I noticed that my photos and identification I made on my page have become mixed up. For example when I select my bumble bee observation, the cover photo is of my fly agaric mushroom observation, though the bee photo is there if I scroll over. I am unsure wether people viewing my observations see the wrong photos as well.

I am using my pixel 3 (android), app version 1.17.5 (394).

I just check my account in a browser and my observations are fine there.


I have had the same sort of trouble if I don’t have a very good data connection for my android. Now I just try to ignore it until I get connected. It would be great if there were another fix.


I too have seen similar behavior in the Android app. When I check from a desktop browser I usually find that everything is as I intended it to be. Eventually the app seems to sort this out for the most part, so I have come to suspect that there are underlying back end indexing, app synchronization, connectivity, and app cache issues involved. Over time and with app updates the observations, thumbnails, and names displayed seem to eventually come out in agreement with what I intended and see in the desktop version.


Probably some sort of caching issue. If you pull down on your list of observations to refresh them, does that change anything? If not, can you please send us log files from the app? To send log files, go to the Settings tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us.

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No, refresh does not always fix the problem, but as mentioned above, the duplication or wrong photo issues resolve over the course of hours or, sometimes, a day.

I will send log files next time it happens. Thanks for your interest.


I sent debug logs. Duplicate at https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/images-mixed-up-on-android-app-between-observations/10911/

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