Modify a Place, how to replace Kml file?

When I first made a Kml file to define our conservancy, iNat people loaded it for me. It works just fine but quite a few observations aren’t being picked up and I’ve found that the Kml file I drew did not catch enough territory. I need to replace the Kml file somehow? How do I do that? Similar topics here touch on the subject but don’t give enough comprehensible instruction for a non-tech person like me…. Point by point instructions if possible?


I usually do my kml file work on Google Earth. If you make a polygon on Google Earth, you can save it as a .kml and then import that as a place file in iNaturalist for a project.

In this case, if you can access the kml file in iNaturalist and import it into Google Earth, you could modify it, save under a slightly different name, import that new file into iNat Places, and then edit the project to use the new Place file instead of the former one. Or you could start from scratch and make a new file in Google Earth with a new name.

It might be possible to just edit the old file, or replace it with another with the same name, but I think that could be confusing so I’d use a different name.

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If you’re editing an existing place, a curator can download the KML to send to you. You could edit it and send it back to to reuploaded. If you flag the place we can take a look.

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  1. create new .kml via google mymaps
  2. delete existing place
  3. create new place with same name and new .kml

would that work?

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Only if there aren’t projects associated with the place. Otherwise updating the existing one is better.

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