Monster Bug Wars..Great video!

This is a great video about the “wars” in the bug world. Great footage!

Monster Bug Wars - Official Channel …has many similar videos…Awesome stuff if you’re into bugs. :wink:


The sound effects can be a bit jarring and/or silly at times.

Also, I wasn’t a big fan of the one where a “storm” threw a green ant nest into a wasp nest.

YouTube used to put it in my recommend it a lot.
When I realized most of the interactions were scripted (the initial contacts, not the results), I stopped watching.

Regardless of whether arthropods feel pain or not, it left a funny taste in my mouth to watch something where 2 animals were thrown together to fight by humans primarily for entertainment purposes (at least their similarly themed “Animal Face-Off” show was all CGI and speculation).

Though I suppose there is an educational component too, and I’m sorry for coming off as preachy for anyone who does enjoy it. It’s just no longer my thing.


Personally the sound effects and the editing put me off of these clips, they just make it seem more like an action film than a nature documentary. I guess I was spoilt by having David Attenborough BBC nature documentaries as a benchmark. But to each their own, I’m sure others enjoy them a lot, and I’m sure I would too if I had altered my mental state a bit ;)

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Some are so “analytical” that they can’t take in the “nature” side of the video, they have to nitpick it and analyze it because they don’t know how to just enjoy the footage…Sad…

I remember the “war” vid from years ago, those scripted parts were sad to watch, at least make it not so visible if you have to use them, but better don’t.


Sad to see staged combat of animals for entertainment. I’m always on the lookout for predator/prey interactions or territorial battles to photograph but this bs is just manipulated fantasy. Also considered unethical by most photographers/videographers.


That’s a bit of an unfair generalization. Just because I analyze and don’t enjoy this particular series doesn’t mean I don’t know how to appreciate similar footage without analysis, or use my analysis to enhance my appreciation.


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