Most unexpected iNaturalist experience

Wildlife tourism is big in Africa, and lions, leopards, and cheetahs are major attractions at African wildlife parks. So when I decided to to identifications of “Felidae” a few weeks ago, I expected that there would be a fair number of observations of these popular and conspicuous organisms. Nope. No safari-type felid pictures at all; in fact the category was mostly unidentified pugmarks in North America.

That was my most unexpected INaturalist experience. How about yours?


Do you mean these?


If you were going through the “Identify” tab, then all the ones appearing by default would be the ones needing an ID, hence giving you a result of the more difficult observations, such as pugmarks, scat, etc. Try the link that @paloma shared! :)


A lot of birds and big mammals tend to get IDed in minutes, so the identify tab is going to be missing stuff like that unless you’re early to an observation.


That this got identified even to genus!


I saw someone who drew illustrations of a butterfly they saw because they were unable to take a photo in time. It was a surprisingly accurate drawing!


how come that never earned Observation of the Day, or Year!

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Thanks for the tip. Yes the link by @paloma was more what I had expected.

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