Moving buttons on forms

Why, oh why did you switch the locations of the “comment” and “add ID” buttons on the identify form??? I learn where things are. Now I find myself clicking comment when I mean to add an identification. Unless there’s a very good reason (and I cannot imagine what such a reason would be) please do not move buttons or other fields around on the forms!!


To torture you and all our identifiers, of course! My “very good reason” is that after watching some folks use Identify in person I realized there were some unintentional mistakes happening because the “Save” button on the identification form was right next to the “Agree” button in the footer of the modal. That button is basically redundant with the “Agree” buttons next to existing identifications so I removed it (the a keyboard shortcut still works). That put the “Comment” button in the modal footer in the same position, which means that if you mis-clicked “Save” you would hit “Comment” which would switch you to the comment form, which was also undesirable.

I realize this means some change in muscle memory for folks who are using the mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts, but I think it will prevent more mistakes in the long run.


So if I understand this right, you respond to calls to remove the “agree” button on the grid view by removing the agree button on the individual view? I don’t understand this.

Now I can no longer agree to a family level ID. On the grid view there is no button for coarser than species IDs, and in the individual view you just removed the button. I have to type in the ID myself. That’ll cut into agreeing ID’s I expect.

(I do use keyboard shortcuts extensively myself, I just felt like arguing about the button.)

Oh. Either I’m blind or something just changed. Probably blind. Carry on.

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So . . . you figure hitting the Add ID button is better than hitting the comment button when trying to save. And this is a common enough problem to justify moving the form around. So you won’t change the form back to the way it used to be. I’m annoyed. But there are so many annoying things in the world. [Insert long-suffering sigh here.] Go forth and have a good life despite this.

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Hmmm, I wonder if a better option would be to leave everything else where it was, and simply replace that old redundant Agree button with a new, stationary, always-visible Save button, that would only be active if there is something to save. That way,

  • no need to change muscle memory
  • no need to ever scroll to find the save button, since it could no longer drop below the window
  • no other button in the way to accidentally hit when going for Save.

I also think an “s” keyboard shortcut for Save might be a helpful addition.

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While I’m sure my muscle memory will eventually adapt to the new button positioning the real question is how do I stop myself from throwing my computer out of the window in frustration in the meantime? ;)


Sure, all change is good. Dying will be a pretty big change to my life, can’t wait!

You know you’re seriously into iNat when… you compare a change to the Identify interface to dying


for what it’s worth, the changes have not slowed my workflow at all (and i like the exposure adjustment too) so i guess i mostly use hotkeys


I don’t mind the change, and am pleased to find that it has taken only a couple of days for my muscle memory to get retrained. But the very best thing about this change, which has noticeably improved my workflow, is that clicking the “Add ID” button now also scrolls the contents of the window automatically, so that (in cases where there is more than one previous ID) I no longer have to scroll manually to get full access to where I need to type in an ID or to click the Save button. Much appreciated!!


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