Save/Submit with "Cmd + Enter"

So I’m on the Identify tab, using the pop-out thing, and the keyboard commands speed things up a lot, but I have to take my hands off the keyboard and use the mouse sometimes if I need to add a comment, and it’s really annoying! :D

I keep wanting to press cmd + enter on my keyboard, which sends/submits on Gmail, Twitter, Mastodon, etc.

Can we have a keyboard command for “send/enter”, please? :)


Does the tab key not work on a Mac?

(edit – maybe I should expand)
In the identify modal, if you have just selected a taxon, just enter will submit it. No need to move over to the Save button. If you tabbed to the comment box to add a comment, just tab one more time to focus the save button, then press enter. You never need to move your hands away from the keyboard.


By default, the tab key on Mac only moves between controls that accept typing, so you can’t tab to the Save button. (In Safari at least, this can be changed to tab-between-everything in Preferences/Advanced/Accessibility.)

However, you can Shift-Tab from the comment field back to the ID field, and use Enter there. But there’s a gotcha – you have to re-select the ID from the drop-down menu (via down-arrow) and then hit Enter; if you tab to the ID field and immediately hit Enter it will clear out the text that’s already there. (This seems like a bug to me, but might be by design.)


Interesting, thanks for clarifying. A special key combination just for macs may be a good idea, then.

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I just noticed that cmd + enter to submit/send works in this very forum! :D

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@cas4moss which browser are you using?

Chrome on a Mac. I’ve been using tab to get to submit on the comment forms but it’s not as easy as cmd + enter! It is better than mouse, though. :)

Gotcha. We can look into it, but I don’t think tabbing to Save then hitting enter is too onerous.

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Thanks! :)

Just came here to make this request as well, but Ctrl-Enter on PC which should be the same thing. If I’m typing in a lot of IDs (or cleaning up a particular taxon and making a lot of repetitive comments) it would save a fair amount of time. Using CTRL-Enter as submit/send/done is sort of a convention (for example: Gmail, Facebook, Reddit, Outlook, web forums, etc.) so I find myself doing it pretty much every time I finish a comment. It’s not so much that it’s too onerous to move the mouse and click “Done” but my brain expects ctrl-enter to work as a “submit” action due to habit+convention. I’m on Firefox/PC if it matters.

Appreciate your consideration!