Map refresh on identification modal window

Not sure if this is intentional or accidental, but I am virtually certain that on the dialog that appears if you click on an observation from the Identify page, that it used to refresh the map if you added an id which refined the one already there.

And now this no longer happens, it simply retains the old map.

Am I imagining that this used to take place, I seem to remember that being the case.

I noticed this as well, so either we are both crazy or something changed.

I also stared at the map yesterday expecting it to update, then doubting myself that it ever would have, so make that three of us. ;)

I just tried that as well, and I’m sure I remember it refreshing before - that makes four

Five. {plus some characters to make Discourse happy…}

No one was imagining this, because after a refinement I used to use it to search quickly for more of the same species of interest in the vicinity, right off the map. Now it has become inconvenient to do so.

The other weird change in the identify modal is that the Comment and Identify buttons have switched places. Now not only does muscle memory need retraining, but they are now mismatched compared to the positions of their tabs in the full observation page

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