Repeat listing of a Journal post?

A user recently posted a useful short journal article about “Browser Extensions to Add Functions to iNaturalist”, but I’m seeing this same journal post listed many, many times, apparently for every individual country (?). I’ll try to upload a screen capture of what I’m seeing. This is in the recent “Journal Posts” list for everyone under the Community tab on the website.

Why is this happening?

They’re being posted to various project journals that the user admins.

I was just about to say probably cross-posting to multiple projects.

OK, but it’s a little annoying because the list of recent journal posts has pages and pages of this same notification, basically clogging the recent list and hindering the browsing of other uploads. Sigh…

You can unsubscribe to project journal notifications on a project by project basis, in case that helps in a situation like this. That way, you can still be part of the project, but not receive notifications about journal posts.

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I’m not subscribed to any of the projects to which the OP was uploading his announcement. The issue was the clogging of the Journal Posts list (under the Community tab on the website) which includes all journal entries, irrespective of their OP or Project placement.


Ah, I understand now! Yes, that is unfortunate, and there doesn’t seem much to be done.

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