My first firecrest!

My first firecrest!
I saw my first firecrest ( Regulus ignicapilla)quite by chance this morning. Not first of the year , my very first. After a childhood spent with my head buried in bird field guides and a couple of decades since I’m thrilled. Of course they’re tiny , and fast , and the encounter lasted only a few moments but it was fantastic nevertheless, I only had my phone so an observation, let alone a research grade one , was pretty out of the question but I still wanted to celebrate it here as I’m pretty over the moon about it . I wonder if anyone else has ever randomly seem something they’ve been looking out for for years at an unexpected moment?


It took about sixty years to see my first male scarlet tanager. Fortunately for me, there was a pair that nested on my property, so I enjoyed them for a season. Sightings are rare, but much less a 60 year gap!


Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm! Because of you I looked it up, since I had never seen this bird before. It looks like quite the rockstar.

Nice style, bird.


It took me several years of listening to a hermit thrush on our property before I finally got a picture… of it’s backside. It was another year before I could actually get a good picture.
It’s beautiful song almost tortured me, now I can finally enjoy it. I hope you get to see it again!


well, it’s possible to confuse firecrests for goldcrests, so check if it isn’t.

It is , I am however almost certain that this was a firecrest ( the white around the eyes ) . Nevertheless if it was a goldcrest that’s be my first too ! The crests have been hiding from me it seems .

That’s a very good photo . Birds are difficult unless you have lenses that cost more than rent I feel . It’s not a bird I’m at all familiar with but I’m going to have to look into the birds of Tennessee now :blush:

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Ok, I am not a bird identifier, I just know know that the two are similar; I instead like to id most planthoppers.

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