My Sincerest Apologies

Ok. So, I am actually back and I am planning to be more active here. I do enjoy it here. However, I feel that I need to apologize for something. I made a couple mistakes a few weeks ago, by mentioning some users by name where I should not have. I did not realize this was poor form.

I hope you guys will accept my apology and my sincere promise never to do this again.

Thank you for reading this…


Don’t take it to heart, I myself have also made my fair share of embarrassing mistakes on the forum. Dwelling on it doesn’t make it any better. You’re forgiven.

I apologize if I sound condescending, it’s just that I’ve also felt anxious after making mistakes on the forum, such as this one.


I’m sure it shouldn’t be called a mistake, many things not allowed on the forum are not wrong, and it’s normal if you think some of them would be accepted here. e.g. project promotion can be a very good thing, and it’s actually done on main website, but you can’t do it here, etc.


I enjoy your enthusiasm and am very glad you are back. :)


I don’t quite understand the content of your message. But anyway, I can only welcome the growth of the naturalist community!

I don’t know what caused this error, but your forum page ( has a strange and incorrect link to your main profile:

iNat profile:

I think the correct link looks like this:

Or is it some kind of local error in my browser?


I see that too. How does one edit their profile?

It seems strange, but I don’t see any interface for editing of this link in my profile. My link looks correct:

iNat profile:

It was clearly an honest mistake, and one that IMHO resulted in an overreaction from some quarters. There’s been [checks anecdata] an upsurge in such events of late around here. Must be something in the water.

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Did you put the URL or just your username?

Welcome back

IMO, it’s not whether you make mistakes, it’s how you handle them when you do. We’re all going to trip over ourselves at times, and as long as you’ve checked your intentions, you’re all good in my eyes.


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