Nature album covers

Inspired by this thread, thanks @broacher for setting my brain a-tingle!

(Just play along.)

Use any of your nature photos (does not have to be from an observation) to create an album cover for an existing musical album.

  • should be formatted to square (imagine vinyl inside)
  • must be your own photo
  • can be a full album or a single
  • you do not need to put the title/artist name on the photo (but kudos to you if you do so) but you do need to say what album your photo represents

For example, here is my submission for a new, nature friendly album cover for a certain song by Phil Collins (edit: changed the photo the following day, because it only took me that long to figure out how to learn to add text using my existing apps)


Probably not very original… ;-) , but ever since I’ve learnt that Dysgonia algira is called “The Passenger” in English the moth and the song are connected.
Now I just think he should write a song about "Beautiful Gothic " :-))


Fun idea! Next time, movie posters?

I know some might think adapting nature shots for human popular culture might be sacrilegious or trampy. But if it helps more people get into observing, then all I can say is, tramps like us, baby we were…


Just The Two of Us,Grover Washington


(Neil Young, have mercy)


Well done!

You should absolutely start the movie poster thread, whenever you feel the timing right.

I have some wonderful horror movie shots from which to pick, thank you wasps and ants, but definitely need to up my skill. (I updated my own album cover and now will start trying to learn how to add spooky font and such.)

PS: I figured the “nature meme” thread meant I am not the only goofball here.


@susanne-kasimir If I knew a common name that correlated to a song I would be the exact same way. That moth is stunning.

@teellbee I laughed outloud. There is about a two week period here when every Lady Beetle under the sun seems to come to my garden to enjoy amorous pursuits and now I am going to hear that song in my head.

@gabrif you caught its little beach footprints! I love that photo so much! What type of marvelous creature is it?


Not by a longshot!

We are learning more and more about the critical importance of play in learning and problem-solving. Not just in humans, but in many, many other living things. (The list seems to grow every year!)

If we are going to work together towards real change and a future with hope for that change, we have to learn to play more with each other too.

You know, whenever I show somebody my iNat pics and they respond, “Nice work”, I am quick to correct with, “Thanks. But it isn’t work if you’re having this much fun.”


A weevil:

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Sounds fun! Here’s what I made:

The moss in this picture is Lewinskya affinis and here is the observation link
P.S. I wish there was some album named “The Liverwort” so that I could use my liverwort pictures for it, but unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be one :(


Three albums by Enya:
The Memory of Trees (1995)

A Day Without Rain (2000)

And Winter Came… (2008)


I confess I had not heard of this artist. The first song I heard though (Come Along) was quite impressive and felt very naturalist-ish.

@jasonhernandez74 your album covers read like a poem. They’re quite lovely.

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Made on Canva, with my favourite odonata (Sapho orichalcea) image.


Hey folks, I hate to rain on the fun here, but some possible copyright/trademark issues have been pointed out. So I’m going to close and unlist this topic for now. If Staff determine later that there is no concern, then we can re-open it.