Nature imagery for Halloween

Has anyone else created any nature-themed art for Halloween? I got into it last year with a spider jack-o’-lantern. That carving was pretty crude, so then I started looking ahead to this year, experimenting with technique last November and studying up on how more experienced carvers have worked. Incidentally, a practice pumpkin about a month ago yielded a fine colony of Rhizopus.

So by this Halloween I was able to depict a recognizable cross orbweaver and a brown marmorated stink bug nymph.

What else is out there? Bats? Scorpions?


Beautiful art :)


Yours is far more detailed than mine, but I made a loon pumpkin this year!


I can’t remember how I stumbled across it, but somebody made a Jack-o-lantern out of a native wild gourd and posted it as an observation (along with the parent plant in the wild).

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