iNats: the cosplay version

Okay naturalists, time to get scary.

Or cute, or amazing. Doesn’t really matter. What I want to see are amazing, creative examples of Halloween costumes featuring other species. Lesser known species? Even better. But you can also do a lot of creative things with ‘casual creatures’ …or plants or fungi and so on! We’re not kingdom-committed here.

Let’s celebrate and share some creative bio-diversity!

Here’s one I found last year:

(Gee, I wonder what Mom and/or Dad do for a living or hobby?)


Amazing costume haha. Now I’m imagining someone walking around wearing that and singing this sing:


I have a praying mantis costume. I made it from a lot of coat hangers, cloth, tights, and spray paint. I can even tell you many of the ways in which it’s morphologically incorrect compared to a real praying mantis :D


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