NatureServe Explorer links on taxon status tabs are broken

I’m hoping that these are auto-generated and so can all be fixed at once. If I go to the status tab here
and click on the NS link I get page not found at
I think that they need to be changed to something like

Annoyingly, I don’t think that format is going to work, it returns no results. I can search for Cicindela abdonminalis and I get results, but the URL does not change:

Blech! What this produces works but is clunky.
“Cicindela abdominalis site:
and I realized that when I made direct NSX links in a query I had to use the ou and seq IDs which are not available here via iNat. This seemed to work

The URL format used in the Taxon Link (About tab, More Info column) still seems to work best:

Unfortunately it looks like the links in Status tab entries have to be edited individually.

Also, I edited your topic title to be more specific about where the links are broken - hope this is ok, but feel free to edit further.

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Thanks. That’s definitely best. Someone’s gotta be able to do a bulk replace for the ones with NSX links, no?

One would think so, but that would have to be a special request to Staff I think.

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