Need tips for finding Bombus Crotchii to save habitat

Map data and experts say Crotch Bumblebee likely makes a habitat in Bailey Canyon park and adjoining open space. If I can document this rare bee it may save its habitat land, but am new to this. What times of day are good to look for this bombus? What types of plants would it most likely be found on or near in the Pasadena, CA area?

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I assume you mean this species?

You can use the Explore page on iNaturalist to see where it’s been observed. Here’s a tutorial:

And here are observations made in the Pasadena area:

I’d say anytime it’s warm enough to fly is a good time to see bumble bees, although they often will be flying during cooler temps than other bees. So, decently sunny, maybe temps in at least the mid to upper 60s F.

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