New account settings page shows copyright settings reset to CC BY-NC
Here it shows all of my settings as CC BY-NC:

Previously I had my settings as all rights reserved for photos and sounds and CC BY-NC for observations. When I upload a new observation it still shows the photos as all rights reserved.
(I’m using Firefox)

What’s the difference between observation & photo licenses?

One is for the photo, and one is for the observation ;)

But seriously… think of it in terms of a painting… you have intellectual property rights in the painting itself. Now consider that you write an article about the painting in your local newspaper… you have intellectual property rights in the article, and that applies even if you included a copy of the painting in the article. Same goes in iNat, the photo is a discrete entity that can have intellectual property rights apply, and via various Creative Commons licenses iNat allow you to partially release those rights respective to either the photo or the observation.

This should be fixed now and it seems to be working for me. Can you confirm it’s working for you?

Ah yes all good now, thanks!

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