New observations not uploading/syncing

I’ve been adding new obs via the Android app over the past few days and they’re not syncing. I’m not get any error message, it just keeps looping between preparing then syncing then preparing again and so on forever.
When I log into the web version, my new obs do not show.
I’ve checked that I have the latest version of the app. Is there anything else I can do?

What version of the app do you currently have, and when was the last time you totally reinstalled the app? We had a sync loop bug a while back that would persist even after updating the app b/c it screwed something up with the local database that we couldn’t fix, so completely reinstalling might help you. However, you would lose those un-synced observations (though you could theoretically re-import them from you photos).

I use the “square” at the bottom of my android to pull up recently used apps, kill off iNat (or clear all) and that allows it to work next time I launch and try to sync the app.

Not a fix but a work around you might try.

Hi @keenasfish, since we haven’t heard back about the app version, reinstalling, and other questions, I’ll close this report. Please feel free to open a new bug report if you’re still experiencing this issue. Thank you!