Android app is failing to sync (observation date was set in the future)

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): 1.22.1 - 488

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.):

I emailed the help desk with this problem on Friday and have yet to get a response, so I figured I’d post it here as well.

Since early last week, I’ve noticed that the app has failed to sync my observations with my account. I have no issue with uploading and annotating them in the app, but they never appeared on the desktop/website version of iNaturalist. Whenever I add a picture with the app, it will quickly say “Syncing…”, then “Preparing…”, (both less than a second long) then leave the observations with the message “Waiting to upload…” but nothing happens after that.

I’ve tried dragging down on the observations to attempt to force a re-sync, restarting my phone (Samsung J7 Sky Pro running Android), and uninstalling/reinstalling the app multiple times, but none of these have made a difference. Does anyone else know what else I can do?

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just so you know, it’s a long weekend in the US due to Memorial Day. work resumes Tuesday.

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You know, that’s a very fair point. Can’t believe I forgot that, considering I have the day off as well. I apologize for my impatience, iNat helpdesk!

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Android version?

Software version: MMB29M.S727VLUDS4ARF2
Baseband version: S727VLUDS4ARF2

My phone is also saying that there’s no update available, so I assume that’s the latest version.

Do you have auto sync turned on? You should still be able to manually sync if not but I thought I’d double check.

Yes, I have auto-sync on, but even the manual attempts (swiping down on the observations) aren’t working; thanks for the suggestion though. I just get stuck with this screen/message forever (well, okay, I only let it go for 10 minutes but figured if it didn’t sync in 10 minutes, it wasn’t ever going to).

No idea why that one attempt is measuring time in minutes instead of days, but one problem at a time…

Can you tap on the white-flower beardtongue one and check the date and time that it is saying it was observed?

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Oh, that’s interesting, good catch; it’s saying it will be observed on June 11 for some reason, I didn’t even notice. Well, that’s one mystery solved and at least that one is an easy fix.


When you updated the date did it let you sync?

That did the trick! Thanks @bouteloua! No idea why it thought that observation was taken in the future or why that would cause a problem with syncing, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter now. :)

that’s great. Ideally it should a) not set dates in the future at all :), b) let you sync any unproblematic observations, c) send you some sort of clearer error like “observation can’t be in the future”, and d) direct you to that observation(s) to fix it (the latter being more difficult to do in a situation with lots of observations to sync vs. the 2 you had to sync here)