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There is a new default photo extension for Android phones (I believe Apple as well). It is called HEIC. iNaturalist does not support this file type. It is a nuisance to convert to a .jpg file, although it can be done with the iMazing app. Can iNaturalist add this extension to the others for uploadable photos, as it seems to be here to stay?

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There’re more topics discussing it.

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I’ve commented on other threads already, but will say again here—I am hoping this will be added to iNat very soon!

I am not sure iNat currently has the resources to add any new functionality.

However, they have been seeking to hire 2 developers for several months now.

They had plans for a new cross-platform mobile app. I’ve tended to pin my hopes on that, rather than any enhancements to existing apps.


Here is the latest status blog:

i don’t think you need any special third party apps to do this. see and subsequent posts in that thread.


FYI, if you want to switch your iPhone from taking HEIC files to JPEG files, go to:
Settings → Camera → Formats and choose “Most Compatible” instead of “High Efficiency”.


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