File types for photos

What file types are allowed for photos? This should be basic info immediately available, but I cannot find it. My new Motic microscope camera gives me .BMP files, but I could not upload any to iNat. While I could import them one at a time to GIMP and export them as .JPG’s, that will quickly get tedious with scores of great photos otherwise all ready to upload. I just found a species that has zero observations on iNat and am anxious to post it.

My usb microscope software allows me to save in jpg, but I can’t recall if I set it to that, or if it was default. I know iNat take jpg and gif, and I think they might take png, but not certain of that.

You can use other programms as lightroom where you can export as many files at once as you wish.


I agree that this info should be easier to find. I tried googling and searching around and didn’t find any documentation on iNat in a few min.

I could see adding this info (accepted image file formats) to the help page under the section What Kind of Photos Should I Attach to Observations? (though it is focused a little more on the type of info that should be in photos to make a good observation). I suppose file formats could also get their own brief section on the help page, however the section on adding sounds does include accepted file formats already.

I guess the info could also be put somewhere on the upload page, but that has such a simple layout already, maybe it would be clutter there.

If you’re interested you could make a feature request? (though not even sure if this would count as a “feature”)


i think it depends on how you upload.

which model do you have? i’d be surprised if there’s not a function / setting to export as jpeg.

there are ways to batch convert. there are lots of online conversion sites, and lots of apps that will handle this. just search around.

here’s just one example that seems to be relatively popular for automated batch conversion: ImageMagick - Convert, Edit, or Compose Digital Images. there are lots of tutorials online to show you how to use it.

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