New: Predators Project

Searched for a project like this and there wasn’t one, so made it. The project is for observations of predators and prey. Please add your predation observations! Remember to list the prey species in the observation field.

I put this photo I took yesterday as the background but let me know if you want to volunteer something more impressive. :wink: Or if you want to admin.


I searched for ‘Predators Project’ and couldn’t find this on iNat. Could you post the link?

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That would have been a good thing to include in the original post, sorry!

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I tried adding a favorited observation of a Spotted Sandpiper taking a Painted Lady.

Did you mean for this to include ‘Interaction -> Preyed upon by’? The description has ‘Interaction -> Preyed on’ listed twice without the ‘Preyed upon by’.


The rule list writes itself automatically… I’ll fix it. Thanks!

I love this idea! Added a couple and looking for more among my observations.

How do we feel about carnivorous plants? For example:


@cammie I see the change but it doesn’t include ‘Interaction -> Preyed upon by’:

Here’s the field I changed on the observation I’m looking to add where the Project field is still highlighted in red:

Thanks, this is an excellent idea.

How can I add one of my observations to this project?

Basic question so sorry if it’s obvious.

Does this include predation of things like plants and other sessile organisms? Is a shot of a rabbit preying on some kind of Poaceae allowed?

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I thought about that when I added it and that’s why I didn’t make any taxa restrictions. Go ahead!

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That is a wicked cool observation by the way!

@nycbirder That’s because the observation itself is by default the predator. The prey aren’t submitted to the project except in the observation field, unless of course they are simultaneously predating on something else. Feel free to add that field to your observations, it just isn’t required for this project.

I’m glad you like the idea!

Go to this link, join project, then go to your observations and click on the project field. Predators will now be in the dropdown menu, and after you click on it there will be a popup to input the prey species. You don’t have to know exactly what it was, you can put “insects” or “mammals” or whatever, but you have to put something in order for the project to accept it. Let me know if you are still having trouble!

No, it has to be a carnivore. I should add that in the description.


I put it in the terms already actually:
“Observations must be of a predator in the act of predation; that is, a carnivore preying on another animal. Prey should be designated as an associated species. A link to the observation of the associated species in the description is encouraged but not required.”

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I’m second-guessing. It is a carnivorous plant preying on an animal so technically it follows the rules. I’d like more input. Anyone have an opinion?

depends on whether you’re interested in the data on “what preys on animals”, or in “what animals prey on other animals”.

Awesome idea!

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I joined and added two Observations, including this one of a Gull eating a fish. Unfortunately we can’t upload video to iNat (pity the servers!) but there’s a link to a tweet with the video.

I also recommended this group to someone who’s been sharing great photos of birds (mostly ospreys) carrying fish.


Is there a corresponding project for prey out there? That is, a project for observations where the desired ID is for the prey? I set up one a few months ago called “Bird Food” to post some observations of birds feeding moths, butterflies, and other insects to their young, because a brief search didn’t turn up any existing projects which looked appropriate. If there’s a more active project out there for identification of the prey of all sorts of animals, not just birds, I’d like to know about it.