New York State reaches 1 million verifiable observations!

This afternoon, the state of New York passed one million verifiable observations! Great work, New Yorkers and visitors to NY state! Here are your over one million verifiable observations:

In case anyone was wondering, as of this post, the 1 millionth uploaded observation was a Milky Slug in Monroe County!


@astrobirder congrats on logging 5% of observations in the whole state, ya big dork


Neat, so that is what the 5th sub-national unit to achieve 1M ?

I’m assuming no Mexican state is at 1M yet.


I’m surprised at the size of the gap between the observation counts for @astrobirder and @susanhewitt in NY.
P.S., Not trying to gameify or create a rivalry. :grin: I just see Susan’s observations more often.

…though on reflection that’s probably because I like to hang out in unknowns to ID, and I know she has her own process to add IDs later, so I sometimes see hers.


I can’t really hold a candle to @astrobirder; Ethan is amazing. Also, I am good in a small area, mostly in the “concrete jungle”, Manhattan, NYC, but Ethan has so many observations in a far larger area – out on Long Island, and a great deal of observations upstate. And therefore his species count is also far higher than mine because he visits so many different habitats.


yeah @astrobirder sailed right past me in Northeastern US observations, for a while i was the top observer, but @erikamitchell blew past me a few years ago before that. My excuse is having kids, when i get them all trained on iNat i’m going to be back in the running :)

Of course most of my records are in Vermont, not NY.


Since Ethan has 50-something thousand observations in NY State, and I have 40-something thousand, I suppose between us we have about 9% of the observations. That’s pretty great!


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