No accurance of observation results in global view on map

Don’t know if it’s intended, but if there’s no accuracy for the observation pin map preview shows pretty much half of the world instead of more close view.
Observation from the same spot but with accuracy.

Can you please include URLs for these specific pages?

Sure! (and others from this user)
Can’t find the exact same as 2nd, but e.g. this one is working fine

I’m not sure what you’re saying the bug is? Observations don’t need to have accuracy values, and does not have any. That obs is from Flickr, the second you linked to was made via the Android app. It appears they are pasting in coordinates for Flickr imports, not using the map to select the location, so no accuracy is recorded.

Or are you saying the map zoom level is too wide for ?

Yes, exactly, map is too far from where it usually is (and even accuracy is very large it’s shown as usual, not like this).

Maybe it is a result of Flickr importing? Cause I found more obs and they’re also showing ok, made from app.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s a bug, I’m pretty sure it stems from how this user is adding locations to their imported Flickr observations. Some of the older location chooser parts of iNat (including the Edit Observation page) use the zoom level of the location chooser. So if this person is just pasting in coordinates without zooming in to the location on the map, the zoom level might just stay out very far.