No continents in location sugestions


I’m trying to search for observations in Europe on this page:
Typing “Europe” yields suggestions of streets and squares but not the continent. Suggestions are specific to the current map view, but no matter the zoom, i still get no continents in suggestions. No Africa, no Asia or Europe. There’s “America” but when selecting it, only the USA is highlighted, yikes! There were continents before but this changed recently - perhaps with this new (or is it old?) “Powered by Google” location suggestion functionality.



I’ve rarely used the Locations search area successfully on that page. Perhaps something has changed on Google’s end, but you can always use the Filters>More Filters>Places search box to find continents.

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Thanks, continents appear in Places. I always thought that Location and Places function in the same way so never thought of using the one in the Filters dialogue. Maybe Places should be the default behavior - after all, who needs streets and squares. Or at least it could be added on top of the suggestions in Location

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Yeah, “Places” is the default on the Identify page. The site developers are planning on revamping the Observations page at some point, so fixing/improving the filters there are definitely on the docket.

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