"No observations"

For some reason, lately when I click on a species that I have observed the data page for that species will say “no observations”. Also under the headings of “top observer” “top identifier” “last observation” and “total observations” - all those categories say zero. I know that people have observed it, because there are multiple pictures and even I have observed it, so something is going wrong that I don’t understand.
Here is an example that has all zeros for me = https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/893792-Phalerimeris-phalerata
Can someone tell me how to fix it? I am in a different country right now, so maybe it’s an internet issue? I’m not sure.

You must have a Place specified where the beastie doesn’t occur. At the top of the page under the “Search species” box will be a place name - click on that and you get a dropdown. Click on clear to remove the place and make the records global. Then you will see that there are observers, identifiers etc.

Not a bug :-)

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Interesting! I never noticed the “place” filter. Thanks, @karoopixie!

Pleasure, Janet :-)

If you have subscribed to a Place on your Dashboard, then all pages default to that Place boundary. Which is brilliant :-) Except when one forgets about it ;-D

Thanks so much!

Yes, my “place” said United States, and I was in Asia, so this was the problem. Now it’s completely fixed. Thanks again.

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