No Photos in Identify Tool?

I’ve been doing some quick annotating using the Identify tool. Today I’m seeing a number of observations that don’t have any photo, just a blank tile. On the ones I’ve looked at in detail there is just one ID by the observer so haven’t seen any comments from anyone saying “Hey! There’s no image!” I’ve reviewed over 4,000 obs in the last few days and haven’t seen this before this morning. Is something amiss? Example:

The URL I’m using:

Looks like you’ve selected “casual” as one of the acceptable quality grades:

One way an observation reaches casual grade is by not having any media evidence. If you want to still include casual grade observations but need to look at photos, check “Has photos” in the Filters box.


Got it. I’ve updated my URL. Must just be coincidental I didn’t see any before today.

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In case you want to read our confusing explanation of quality grades:

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