Non-North American field guides for Bumble Bees

Can anyone recommend a good field guide for Non-North American Bumble Bees, in particular Europe?


there is this (in German):

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I use this website to look for species groups.


There are several things out there that may help (depending on where you are what languages you’re comfortable with).

Resources specific to the UK:

and “Bees of Britain” is available online for free

and Bumbles of the UK guide

There’s an online interactive key to bumbles in Italy (

Book: Bees of Spain (in Spanish)

And a Bees of the Iberian Peninsula website

Much of this isn’t bumble specific, but should all cover bumbles.


Stephane’s website on the Bees in Brussels also may be of use


Thanks, I don’t read German, but I might be able to use the pictures and the scientific names.

That looks pretty good, thanks.

Thanks, the websites look good, but my jaw just about hit the floor when I saw the price of some of those field guides.

Some of them, in particular the Handbook of the bees of the British Isles, is more of a specialist’s book.

I’m not sure what your interest level is or where you are/will be - but the UK bumble books are likely good across most of Northern Europe.

Nor sure is @liquidanbar mentioned this one, if so, Appologies for the dupe:

Steven Falk has an invaluable resource of pictures and short descriptions for all bees (including bumblebees) of the UK:

The Atlas Hymenoptera has an overview of the distribution of all European bumblebee species:

But there is certainly at the moment a gap for a comprehensive work of the bumblebees of Europe (I heard something is in the works).

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