Northern Hemisphere Spring 2019 Phenology Discussion

I suppose we should be grateful we’re not in Calgary, or Duluth lol.

And speaking of CNC, I was looking at the city map and discovered that Cleveland-Akron-Canton (all in Ohio in the US) have relocated to off the African coast in the Atlantic. Should make for interesting analysis results :grin:

yeah even in Vermont its not really worth setting up a CNC project. We literally still have snow on the ground in places. I tried to get them to nudge it just a few weeks later but they didn’t seem interested.

It is fascinating to hear all of these accounts. It’s my first year iNatting / paying close attention to seasonal changes, but I look forward to next year.

Over in Israel spring starts the dry season (seven months of zero rain), and fall starts the rainy season. So patterns are, I imagine, quite different here. I look forward to learning about them and experiencing them.
(And yes, Israel is in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s not far south of Greece or Turkey – think about it ;)

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that’s very similar to the also ‘mediterranean’ climate of coastal California…

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