Northern Hemisphere Spring 2024 Phenology Discussion

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Here in central New Mexico, a mild winter has given way to an early spring for many plants in the garden compared to last year

Wax currant flowers Apr 27 2023 vs Apr 18 2024
Peach blossoms Apr 6 2023 vs Mar 25 2024
Utah serviceberry Apr 6 2022 vs Apr 9 2023 vs Apr 3 2024 (and lilac was similarly early by roughly half a week)

I think digger bees and cabbage white butterflies were active sooner as well, but I don’t have good data on them.

So, what have you seen? Is Spring early or late for you, or right on time?


I’ve been in north west lower Michigan for a decade now. There is no normal or average winter and come spring? One set of farmers or another will whine and cry like race car drivers!
The Cherry and peach trees are ready to blossom.
Deer and Turkey are moving daily.
Yellow Toad Lilies and violets, anemones and dandelions ( I don’t know what kind!!!) purple and yellow are a favorite combo.
Columbine and St Johns Wort, and bracken are showing up. So are the pink lady slipper orchids and Jack in the pulpits.
I’m waiting for the Ruby throated hummingbird boys to tap at my window to be fed…any day now

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We’ve had a fairly warm spring (which has just turned cold and rainy / snowish again), so last weekend and the beginning of this week, I went out to see if I could find migratory or early emerging odes. I was expecting Forktails, maybe a Common Green Darner.

No Forktails, but at least three Common Greens (including two flying tandem). The big surprises were a Widow Skimmer that completely avoided my camera, and a Mosaic Darner that flew by often enough for me to visually confirm my ID, even if it is technically too early.

And now, it’s snowing. Hopefully there’s enough ground heat to keep the Paddle-tailed going until I can net him for an in-hand. (Or convince him to stop timing his fly-bys to my shutter release.)


In Wisconsin, spring peepers and wood frogs emerged earlier than is typical by about two weeks. However, recent cool weather has kept the American toads and leopard frogs from being active yet. Those latter will probably turn out to be about typical timing. So, the answer, as with so many climate-specific items, is idiosyncratic for each species…early for peepers, on time for toads.