Not all my observations show up in search

Platform** Android
App version number** 1.26.1

Description of problem

Step 1: Using Explore function, search species Olene Mendosa with location global. Under observers column check number of observations for user cheryl394 = 10

Step 2: Using Explore function, search species Olene Mendosa with location global, but select the filter to see only obs by cheryl394. Number of observations = 15

These should not be different! There were no different filters on these 2 searches so it doesn’t make sense. This is also true for other species, but not all my species.

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I confirm that the count is different on Android. While the results on iOS and Web always give the correct count = 15.

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the app debug logs reveal that the Android app makes this API request to get top observers of the Brown Tussock Moth:,research&order_by=created_at&order=desc.

it looks like if you remove the per_page parameter, you get the expected result:,research&order_by=created_at&order=desc.

so there’s something wrong with the way the API responds in the first case when per_page is included in the parameters.

UPDATE: it’s also interesting that if you use per_page=35 (,research&order_by=created_at&order=desc), you’ll get 13 observations for cheryl394, in between 10 (first query above) and 15 (second query above).

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Thanks for looking into this, although I’m afraid I don’t understand your answer. Can this be fixed? Is there something I can do on my end?