Noticing patterns in desert kingsnakes

Can anyone tell me if you know if the desert king snakes always have multiple different patterns or if they are usually all looking alike. A snake I have helped Identified looked similar to the one I saw a few days ago, but when it says its desert king snake the patterns on that snake are different than the ones on the snake.

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They have variable patterns. Some look similar to each other, some dont.


Learning the variation inherent in a species comes with experience. Feltia jaculifera doesn’t have a lot of variation ( Species Feltia jaculifera - Dingy Cutworm Moth - Hodges#10670 - BugGuide.Net), but looks like a number of other Feltia spp. Some are extremely variable - Moth Photographers Group – Euxoa ochrogaster – 10801 ( Keep in mind that lighting conditions and picture quality can introduce variability as well. Some folks I know routinely take terrible pictures, but I’ve learned to work around that. Again, only experience!

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