Gulf Coast Toad Color Variation


I was wondering if anybody had lots of examples of the different color variations for Incilius nebulifer? I’d love some resources on their color variations whether its pictures, articles, or any other form of media! I’m just curious more than anything and I haven’t seen a lot of discussion regarding the coloration of them.


I don’t know anything about this species, but for photos I suggest checking out the photo browser of the taxon page (click on “View more” on the photos to get to it):

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I am not soo sure but, i think the color of the Gulf Coast Toad may differ may be due to temperature and climate changes, or may be something to do with DNA Pigmentation of that specie


That would explain why all my observations, all in the same area, appear to be the same shade (adjusting for lighting and/or age: the adults all seem to be medium tan & the toadlets are light to dark gray).

While remembering to take lighting, white balance, etc into account.

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