Notify observer when another user marks something in the Data Quality Assessment section


I’d like to know when other users are marking items in the DQA of my observations, as they may be mistaken about whether the organism is actually captive/cultivated, whether the location is actually incorrect, etc.

A notification should only be generated when the status of the DQA item changes, i.e. if 1 person has marked as captive and none have marked as wild, I shouldn’t get a notification if another person marks it as captive.


Questions about Voting

Related question- is there a way to see who gave a QA thumbs up or down to follow up with them directly, or is that info only for curators to see, maybe?



If you click on the number next to the thumbs up or down, a little popup will come up with the person’s user name in it. If it says “” instead of a username, then that means the site automatically flagged it, which happens at some threshold of Captive-flagged species per area.



I’d like this feature as well. It really bugs me when people (or the site bot) flag things incorrectly, especially when I’ve specifically said “feral” or “yes these palm trees are naturalized, take it up with USFWS if you don’t believe me” or whatever in the description. I clean up Casual observations every now and then and always find plenty of things that have been inaccurately flagged, including some Obscured obs where people were simply (as always) confused about the obscured point showing up in the ocean.

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yeah i wish obscured observations displayed with just the uncertainty square (maybe darker with more records of same) and not the circle since the circle is by definition always in the wrong place. But…i guess that’s off topic so i’ll leave it at that

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(testing to see what flagging as off topic does ;)



hahaha it probably demoted me or something. ps. i flagged yours too… hahaha



1, 2, 3, 4… I declare a flag war!



but seriously… I can’t see any change on it, so it must be a silent alert to moderators…



why can’t I vote for this? It says 12 ‘limit’. oh well, I’m voting via this comment. ( so here’s another OT comment for ppl to flag. :) )



you only get a certain number of votes so you’d have to unvote something else. ‘advancing’ in the forum give you more votes but i am not sure how that works yet

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I would agree to the request with a single change, only be notified, or have it as an option to only be notified if the vote will change the status of an observation. I see no reason to be notified a 3rd person has voted that something is captive etc.



Thanks, I partially incorporated that into the suggestion.

If, say, I observe a captive organism, and someone marks the location as incorrect, I do want to be notified, since the location may in fact be correct.



I guess I’d have to say I’m not a fan in the case of this specifically related to the Captive/Cultivated flag. In my daily cleanup of planted things (exotic pines, begonias, typical university landscaping, and of course Botanical Gardens), I’m marking a lot of things captive (as many of you do). To have one person be inundated with 50+ notifies that I have marked their observations planted, will probably cause 1) them to think I’m after them personally, and 2) for them to spite mark them wild. Better that the Crepe Myrtles and Roses just get silently “captivated”. I personally have only about 30 planted observations, so I just check my planted stuff once a quarter to see if any true wilds have been moved to that group.



Like this forum, an improved notification system would collapse those notifications into simply:

Then one could click to view a list of the 50 observations.

(If someone is spite-marking things as wild or marking other things incorrectly on purpose, that needs to be directly addressed and brought up to the site staff if they continue to do it despite being asked not to.)

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so, currently marking something planted (usually with the “x” shortcut in the ID page) marks the subject observation as planted and reviewed, but does not make me a follower of that observation. So, I guess you need to change that to make me a follower of that obs so that I’ll know (via the same notify system) that they have (potentially) in turn spite marked it “wild”. (cause I’ll have no way to know otherwise to tell them not to do that.) I’ll need to @someone to get a third vote, etc. We are all going to be getting a lot more notifies…



The proposal here is for only the observer to be notified of changes to the DQA, not the followers of the observation, but I’d be open to the latter option too.

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there has been thoughts and requests thrown around for an upgrade to the alerts system, especially with regards to them disappering when mis-clicking and so on. I would be 100% behind all these additional alerts mentioned in this thread, if the alerts notification system was more robust and reliable to work with. We can’t priorities feature requests, but my order of preference would be 1) fix the alerts notifications 2) extend the alerts to include DQAs



I’m not certain, but it looks like the amount of likes (hearts) you get will help raise levels. We can all help each other gain more votes if we Like any post we all make that is constructive and useful.

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I’ve added this request to an internal team doc for the impending upgrade of notifications, any objects to my closing the topic?