Observation field for biggest toadstoal or mushroom Amanita muscaria

Imagine I want to find the biggest Amanita muscaria in the world. For this queeste I want to use an observation field in which I can register the diameter of the cap

Can I use an existing observation field for this?
What is a mushroom and what a toadstool, do both have a cap https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pileus_(mycology). ?



I found ‘’ Cap Diameter’’ and ‘‘Fungi Cap Diameter’’’ but are this in inches or meters?

Well, what do the numbers tend to say? If it’s things like “3” and “5”, that’s definitely in inches, as there are no 5-meter mushroom caps. If it’s things like “.08”, that’s probably in meters.

I think they meant centimeters.

Mushrooms are fruiting bodies of fungi, so not necessary a cap-and-stem arrangement. Toadstool refers to cap-and-stem (though some have gills, like Amanitas, some have pores like Boletus).

A precondition of finding the largest Amanita would also be that observers have measured and recorded cap diameter - which most of them haven’t.

Looks like the largest Amanita muscaria varieties come in at around 25cm https://www.mushroomexpert.com/amanita_muscaria_flavivolvata.html

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