Observation field identifiers

Firefox. Mac.

A really minor bug, but figured I should log it :
I added an observation field but the observation fails to correctly note who it has been added by.

There was one already in place on the observation.
Interaction: Preyed on “Insects”
But this wasn’t very specific, so I added another
Interaction: Preyed on “Hymenoptera”

The two observation fields got merged together, which surprised me a little, but I guess that makes sense. However, then I received an update mixing together that the original user had added a value to this field, but then specifying that I had added it. Looking at their profile, they haven’t been active since yesterday, so this was certainly triggered by my change. On the observation itself it also fails to state that I am the one who added the more specific taxa to the field, which also seems problematic.

hi @sbushes, there’s an old bug report for this issue logged here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/adding-or-editing-observation-fields-reports-wrong-user/2290

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