Adding or editing observation fields reports wrong user

If one edits an observation field the edit is attributed to the author of the field and not the editor - as reported in the dashboard.

Tony, I’m not sure this is the same effect you were speaking of, but I just got a notice that I added a value to an observation field for one of my observations:

regarding this observation:
In fact, someone else added that observation field and value.
My question is why the added value was attributed to me.


The answer is that it is a bug: - is it possible for you to figure out who changed the value?

It occurred to me that INat does not store who edits a field: and thus any edit is attributed to the observer of the observation. I hope that I am wrong.

As I understand it, only three people can edit an observation field.

  1. the person who added it.
  2. the owner of the observation
  3. the owner of the observation field.
    But only the person who added it can delete it (there is a bug with the Android cellphone app, which adds all observation fields in a project to any observation, even if empty (or alternatively with the wrong
    value if there is a default) - this is a right pain when managing the observation fields and trying to keep the data curated.

Hopefully someone will respond to this in due course?

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I believe anyone can edit an observation field (except on obs of users who disallow adding obs fields).

Linking github issue:

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