Observation Field not displayed

Platform: Website

Browser: Browser-independent

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Description of problem:
I got notified that a user added a value in an observation field on one of my observations.
I can see that there should be an entry, indicated by the “(1)”, but nothing is displayed.
In editor mode I can see what specific field and value have been added, but updating the observation does not help.
Issue persists across browsers (Firefox, Safari)

Edit: Shoot, I shouldn’t’ve played around in the editing mode - after saving again it now displays properly…

I think that has to do with a sticky setting, as @bouteloua explained here. Try going to the same observation (or a different one that also has Fields) and clicking where it says Observation Fields (1). It should switch between displaying and not displaying the dropdown list.

Edit: I see that it doesn’t look quite right in your example. The arrow is pointed down rather than sideways, and the “Choose a field” box is displayed. So it may actually be a bug.

i can’t reproduce the problem at this point, and i suspect it’ll be unsatisfyingly hard to understand the problem without being able to reproduce the problem. probably a momentary issue with indexing, but who knows for sure?

i suspect the best thing to do at this point is just close this bug report and log a new report later if anything similar comes up.

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