Can't Edit Observation Fields

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome


Description of problem: When I click ‘Edit’ to edit an observation field, the page immediately turns white. Refreshing the page brings everything back, but the field remains the same. Clicking on the ‘Edit’ button again just causes another white screen. This happens even on my observations with fields that I’ve added.

could you provide a link to one of the observations where this happens

This is the one in the screenshot:
Here’s a relatively new observation of mine:
And an old observation of mine:

So the blank screen happened to me too for the first link, but when I try to edit observation fields on my own observations eg, it works perfectly fine

I opened all 3 of my links on my phone to see what would happen, and they all white screened. When I opened your link, however, I was able to edit all 3 of the fields.

Made a bug report here: With some testing it seems like it’s only affecting obs fields that have a Dataype of taxon, but if anyone sees other observation field types being affecting, please let us know.

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Fix released, looking good to me.

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