Observation Locations are Different

How come, when I click my observations from my profile, and zoom in on all the dots, I have a Gopher Tortoise (17259296) in the Atlantic Ocean, but yet when I view the Gopher Tortoise observation itself, the location is where it is suppose to be?

The species is listed as vunerable, and many vunderable or endanged species have their location automatically obscured. You can see the exact location, but anyone else will see its “obsecured” location, which randomly places the observation someplace nearby to keep people from specifically seeking it out at that location.


Heres some previous discussion on taxon geoprivacy: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/clarifying-geoprivacy-reasons-for-obscured-coordinates-user-to-user-trust/730


So the map in the Observations tab of your profile is the same for all users (it doesn’t show the unobscured map to the owner of the profile)?–that’s good to know.


Yes, it’s a pain to see map for oystercatchers, it’s like they were everywhere around while they were at one spot.

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The good news is these observations of vulnerable and endangered species will still show up as observations within a designated place.

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