Observation photo can't be opened

Never had anything like that, Android app is either crashing or going back to previous page when I’m trying to open a photo of one observation,

I tried relogging, but it didn’t help. It’s not crucial, but I decided it should be addressed, I submitted my log files.

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Thanks, we’ll take a look.

Can you please be more specific? You’re tapping on the photo of an existing observation, like this one?

Is it one of your own observations, or someone else’s

Yes, existing one, it’s not mine. On the website there’s no problem with this observation.

What is the observation’s URL?

It’s working right now, but it was https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/47107112


@melodi_96 can you please translate the error message? We don’t see any error or exception in the log files you sent.

It says that an error happened again in this app and asks if I want to send a report about it.

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for what it’s worth, this observation loads on my Pixel 3a running Android 11, and i can switch over to look at comments and IDs, but if i click on either the photo or map, the app goes away, and if i do that enough times, i get this error:

i noticed that this observation has a relatively larger number of comments and IDs. i wonder if that could be related? i haven’t tried on a lot of different observations with lots of ID / comments, but i tried to open up the “Gerald” observation, and it didn’t even open on my phone app.

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Yes, that’s what I was getting too, it loaded, but once I clicked on the photo app crashed or closed.

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I think @pisum is onto something, I was able to replicate with my 3a as well. I sent log files to our Android developer.

OK, as suspected it looks like a memory issue, here’s the issue for it: https://github.com/inaturalist/iNaturalistAndroid/issues/920

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