Observation that doesn't exist in Identify queue

There is an observation in my Identify queue that won’t go away despite many attempts, including marking as read, clearing my browser cache, and so on. Is there a way to remove it?

This happens via website in the Chrome browser.

Here is the observation:

Which will give a 404 error: “Sorry, that doesn’t exist!
Even our dedicated search mole couldn’t find anything!”

Thanks in advance!


21 of us have tried.
@tiwane help please?

@billhubick what’s the URL of your Identify queue?

Sorry to miss your responses! I thought I had alerts turned on.

The Identify queue URL is the following:


here’s the specific observation in identify: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?id=172549656
(it shows up for any relevant search parameters - taxon, location, date, username, etc. - in both explore and identify)

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Yes, that’s the specific observation. Thanks!

Thanks, I can definitely replicate and asked our devs about it.

Looks like it was deleted but not actually removed from the search index. It’s been reindexed and is gone now.

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Wonderful. Thanks, @tiwane! I agree this is resolved. Much appreciated.

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