Observation times reflecting Daylight Savings which MX does not use

Mexico eliminated the practice of daylight savings, we do not adjust clocks, however my observations are still reflecting as if I live somewhere that is an hour ahead. For example it is only now approaching ten here, yet my observation I just made says I observed it after ten (and only because I corrected the hour to NINE, it automatically inserted TEN in the app, this is not my phone setting) and uploaded it at the same time.

What is also strange is that originally my observations today (and I guess the last few days, since whenever the clocks changed in the US) are all on this daylight savings time so when I came to check something on the computer, it said my observations would be made “en 29 min” which is what first clued me in that something was strange. So I edited those observations to accurately reflect the local time so they were no longer being uploaded before they were observed due to this.

Here is an example of one I fixed, how it looks publicly, you can see it looks like OK now, but previously the time for Observed was AFTER the Submitted.

Here is how it looks in my edit screen, though, to make it show the accurate Observation time I had to set an inaccurate Observation time which is an HOUR earlier:

I fixed only the observations of mine that appeared impossible because Observed was after Submitted but I would like to know how I can eliminate this issue because I often upload quickly.

As you can see above, my time zone selected is for my actual city.


Recognizing today is a holiday, I have taken OUT my time zone within my own phone and manually selected my time (which did not adjust at all, my phone time was correct) to see if this will help, since I upload directly from my phone, then access the website to add notes or refine. Fingers crossed I have found my own solution.

I always assumed the app — whichever one you’re using — took the observation time from what your phone recognizes. I don’t see anything in the iOS app that would allow me to change the time that is recorded for an observation. So can’t answer your question unless the app is doing something different than what your phone says is the time.

I did too but my phone has the local (non daylight savings) time and to be honest I never really paid attention to the times at all, assuming them to be correct, until logging into the website on my computer I saw the strange “en 29 min” because the times of the Observations had not yet occurred.

I would think if the app was somehow wacky both times (Observation and Submission) would be wacky, not just one or the other but I do not know enough about these things to really do more than present this.

This did not fix it. I mean it did, but it created a new problem.

https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/154275929 shows as

Apr 10, 2023 · 8:27 AM CDT
Apr 10, 2023 · 9:44 AM CDT

However, it is not even 9 AM here. I am now Submitting in the future.

So while the spread between the Observation and Submission is now accurate, it seems both times are now jetted an hour into the future. Both the above times should be one hour less if they are meant to reflect local time. (Or is the default meant to be US time and so everyone worldwide will presume Daylight Savings?)

My phone notes it is 8:57 AM now. My phone has the proper time, manually selected rather than location-default based (which was, also proper).

I note that on my settings I had selected Guadalajara as my time zone (currently 9:14 there as well), but I have now changed my time zone to Central America, where they have never practiced Daylight Savings so hopefully that will fix it. It may be an issue where because this is a fairly recent change (MX not changing clocks), some settings haven’t yet been adjusted.

edit: After I made this switch the Arvelius observation above now lists the following:

Apr 10, 2023 · 8:27 AM CDT
Apr 10, 2023 · 8:44 AM CST

(So the Submission time is now correct but the Observation time remains an hour late. I am going to go make a quick observation though and see if I can log an accurate Observation time. :crossed_fingers:)

SOLUTION: This is clearly of no importance and can be deleted. Thanks!

No. This did not fix the issue. My phone submitted with the correct Observation time (I watched because there is a moment you can elect to change the Observation time) but somewhere along the way an hour was added.

edit: I see now that Observed is CDT which my phone is NOT on and Submitted is now CST. Please advise how to eliminate CDT if possible? (Maybe I am the only one who is easily confused by seeing CDT when we do not use it. Maybe this is a non-issue?)

additional edit: I subsequently checked the times on the photos themselves, using the rightclick and “information” on the photos within Gallery, prior to Submitting my my most recent observation and verified that the photos were correctly identifying in CST. They still changed to the hour later CDT. (I’m not sure an hour here or there matters, I’ve seen people post things as having been observed in a month, no day specified, but it seems wild that the default is a clock setting unused here, that is all.)