Time zone problem

My time zone is set to Pacific (US+Can) in my account settings.
When submitting an observation from my iphone, the Obs-time shows Mountain Zone but the Submit-time shows the correct Pacific zone.
When I submit photos from my laptop, both my obs-time and my submit-time are correctly showing Pacific.
My cell phone is obviously at the right time! :)
I only just recently noticed the discrepancy when I was comparing notes with my friend for duplicate observations which should have had the same Obs-time but were showing up an hour apart!

See this obs: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/91814256
I’ve been back-tracking and correcting the zone manually on dozens of obs. tedious!

iPhone SE, 14.7.1

hmmm… can you clarify your problem? the observation you linked to is in Yukon, which apparently uses UTC-7 (or MST) as its timezone and does not adjust for daylight savings time. so that observation seems like it has the right time zone. are you saying the recorded time is wrong here?

I had to manually fix it. I’ve had to fix dozens of submissions. It’s the different algorithm behaviour between computer and iphone that is the problem.

it’s still not clear to me based on your description what exactly the problem is.

if the problem is now fixed, do you have a screenshot or anything to show what it looked like when the problem existed? it would be helpful to see exactly what you think is right vs what you think is wrong, to be able to compare before and after. what exactly did you correct?

There’s no useful screen shot. Simply put, when the time changed last season, my entries done via computer (for camera photos) showed correct time, while entries on via the app from the same outing (cell phone pics) were in one time zone over, so one hour off, even though the settings were the correct time zone. I’ve had this problem frequently at previous seasonal time changes.
It’s so tedious, I may just leave all wrong times the next time this happens. The only true annoyance is when on an outing with other people, then times don’t match, or when editing observations, the time on my photo does is one hour off from the time on iNat observation.

And no, I don’t copy-proof time, because I like to assume that iNat will use the time on the danged photo, not some algorithmic sense of time :D

i still don’t know how to help because i still don’t understand exactly what your problem is.

you’ve referenced an observation where you said a problem existed, but then you said you have already fixed the problem – so looking at the observation doesn’t help to elucidate what the problem was. you said you didn’t have a screenshot of what the problem looked like when the problem existed, and you didn’t elaborate on what exactly the data looked like when it was bad either. (what exactly was the time shown when it was bad? what exactly was the time zone shown when it was bad?)

next time this happens, leaving at least one of these observations “wrong” will help to show what exactly you’re talking about. please point out such an observation when you have one to share. until then, or unless you can offer better details of the problem in the meantime, i think it’ll be hard for someone to help you without spending an unnecessarily large amount of time trying to guess at what your problem is.

for anyone else who is interested in looking into the problem in the meantime:

UPDATE: this might be similar to what’s being described over at https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/time-observed-constantly-changing-ios/30612.

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