Observations are being shown even though they belong to a taxon that I have excluded from the search

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Step 1: Search for observations of a taxon, such as 79148 Solidago altissima or 48678 Genus Solidago.

Step 2: Exclude an ancestor or descendant taxon, such as 1454394 Subgenus Pleiactila.

Expected result: If an ancestor taxon was excluded, there should be no results. If a descendant taxon was excluded, no observations of the descendant should be shown in the results.

Actual result: If an ancestor taxon was excluded, old observations may show. If a descendant taxon was excluded, old observations of the descendant may show in the results.

Pretty sure this is the same bug as

Bottom line - past indexing issues associated with taxon changes or regrafting. If you think this is something different, please explain. If not, I’ll merge the two topics to keep discussion in one place.