Observations aren't removed from species-list-based projects when community taxon changes

There is an annoying feature in projects with species lists where changes in community ID do not remove an observation from the project. Here is an example from the California Endemics project where the initial ID was of a species on the project list (Xerarionta tryoni), but when the community taxon changed to a species not on the list (Cornu aspersum), the observation remained in the project nonetheless. I assume the reverse is true as well (i.e. observations where community taxon changes to a species on the species list is not automatically added), but I cannot attest to it. Is there any way to change this or to limit searches within a project to match the species list exactly in the explore tab?

Not sure if this is a bug or would better fit a feature request, but I will change the topic if so.

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It’s not a bug because that project is a traditional project; it’s not possible for anything to automatically enter or leave the project. Everything in it was manually added, so manual removal is also required


I would be glad to give you a Windows console application to clean your project.

In the case of the project California Endemic Species, the difficult point is to get a list of all taxa that are allowed to remain in the project. Technically, it need not be an exact list, detailed at the species rank. It could be approximative, for instance a whole genus or tribe could be considered as matching the project (meaning that an observation identified in this genus or tribe would not be automatically removed from the project). This could help to do a first automated cleaning.

I already use a similar software for populating these projects 1 and 2 containing observations of trees in Southern Africa. The software uses a simplified but exhaustive list of taxa (deduced from this list) that match all trees in Southern Africa.

It could also work the other way around: provide a list of taxa you want to remove from the project. With time, add more taxa in the list.


Thanks to you both for the feadback. @jeanphilippeb I would be interested in this application, would you mind sending it to me? I will DM you with my info. Thanks!

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We need to discuss about the solution that will well match your need (inclusion list or exclusion list ?).

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