Observations do not show up in small project areas of less or similar size as location accuracy

In a project of small area size (eg 25sqm) a lot of observations are not appearing though I know the location very precise down to 10 cm (As my iPhone has difficulties to locate exactly because of building reflections, I correct all observations manually to the precise position). So the position is then correctly within the defined project area but the records still do not show up in the project. I got the impression that to show up in the project not only the position must be within the defined area but also the complete location uncertainty circle must be within the area to show up.
So how to handle this to include all observations I know they are definitly within my defined area? I do not want to expand the project area to any fictive size as then observations from outside the area might also show up.
Could I instead set the accuracy of my observations manually to what is real (eg 10cm)?

Any help to solve my problem is highly appreciated!
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yes, you can manually adjust the accuracy of any of your observations, either during the uploading process or retrospectively after they’re already uploaded.

During the upload process, you can either manually type in the accuracy, or grab one of the circle edges with your mouse and drag it in/out.

Alternatively, after the upload process/retrospectively, go to an observation, press the blue edit button at top right, zoom in on the map, and then the same applies; use the circle handles or type in the value.

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Thank you very much! I did the manual correction on my iPhone app and there it’s not possible to change the accuracy. So I got it now and I will overwork my records online and correct there.

As my guess was, they now appear in my project when having the accuracy circle within the boundaries of my project area.
Actually I would rate this as beeing a bug. For my understanding all records having the coordinates within the boundaries should show up - independent of the accuracy circles. They then only should be flagged as possibly uncertain to be within the area.
May be this point could be picked up?

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This is not a bug, but rather intended behaviour; the accuracy circle must fall within the bounding box surrounding your place. See https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/projects-and-location/26452/23 for a great explanation of this.


Ok, thanks. This explains how it works (coordinates must be within the area boundaries AND accuracy circle completly within the surrounding rectangle) and confirms my first guess. I saw now how to work around to get the surrounding rectangle beeing much bigger than the project area - and yes, it works now for me.
So, my problem solved!


great to hear it :)

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