Collection project not collecting observations from one user

I am admin of the Franklin Park Biodiversity Project; it is set up to automatically add observations made within the “place” Franklin Park. My friend and I were on the same bioblitz in the same location and for some reason I can’t figure out, her observations aren’t being collected.


Looking at the details for the location, I am going to guess that the accuracy at 873m puts it’s “circle” way out of the range for your project.

I did some research in the help section to understand your answer. For others having this problem, the answer (unsatisfying as it is) is found at number 14 under “observations” on this page:

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The (in)accuracy distance sometimes comes directly from image metadata created by a mobile device. It can also come from how the user drew their location directly on the map. Or the user can directly enter a distance value. Sometimes users try to “obscure” their true location by offsetting their point location and adding enough (in)accuracy to encompass their true location (though in most cases they should instead just be choosing iNat’s built-in “obscured” geoprivacy setting).

No one besides the owner can change the (in)accuracy distance of an observation. When I have come across large distances that create questions or problems, I have either tagged them in a comment or messaged them directly to ask if they can refine their location. In many cases they had no idea such a large distance had been added, and were able to improve it. In other cases the distance was intentional, or there was no response at all. But in any case asking the observer is the best (and only) approach.

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