Observations not automatically adding to a Project

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A colleague and I have been trying to add observations to a project, and many of theirs have been automatically added whereas mine have not.

For example, my observation which has not been automatically added:

And their observation, which was automatically added:

I’m not sure why mine is ineligible when the Data Quality Assessment is the same for both, and mine has a suggested ID down to the genus as well as being geotagged to the location of the project. Neither of us is a manager of the project.

Any insight would be helpful, thanks!

Welcome to the iNat forum @gyefiri

I’m assuming that this is the project you’re referring to.

If that’s the case, it looks like the accuracy circle of your observation goes outside the boundaries of the place set for the project:

This can be an issue with projects with very small places. Even observations with fairly good accuracy may be excluded. Projects will only include observations whose entire accuracy circle falls within a location chosen as a boundary. One potential solution with very small places is to increase the boundary size to catch more of these observations. The other solution is to manually edit location and accuracy so that observations fall within the boundary. If you go this route, please be sure that the accuracy is still correct (ie, don’t just locate observations within the boundary of the project to get them added - be sure that the accuracy circle correctly accounts for any uncertainty in location).

Here’s a good summary of how this works in a similar project: https://www.inaturalist.org/posts/50234-accuracy-of-an-observation


Thank’s so much @cthawley , this is exactly the solution I needed.
Much appreciated : )

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