Observations from Ireland coming up in notifications for a favorite place in Texas

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if the user edited the location. Is there a way to check if the location was edited, aside from asking the observer?

I noticed a lot of coastal species in the notifications for a place I have favorited that is pretty far inland in Texas.
I clicked on them to see if maybe they were from a landscape substrate and discovered all the coastal species observations were actually listed in Ireland, and therefore shouldn’t have come up in notifications for a central Texas city at all (unless they were originally logged as being in Round Rock and were then edited):

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i bet the location was originally Round Rock and then edited to Silver Strand Barna after the fact. i often see something similar on my taxon subscriptions. people frequently misidentify plants as Pisum (peas), and i’ll get notifications of new observations of Pisum even though by the time i click on the notification to view the observations, they’ve been corrected to some other taxon.

in this particular case, it looks like these observations were created using Seek. they seem to have been observed over a week or so and then submitted over approximately one hour a couple of weeks later. i’m not sure what the workflow is when submitting observations from Seek, but i bet the user just accidentally somehow applied the location from the Milk Snail observation (actually from Round Rock) to all the seashore observations (from Ireland), and then later corrected the locations.

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